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Opening Hours 7:00 AM - 10:00PM +91 70266 28185


AboutNandi Upachar

Nandi Upachar is a highly treasured culinary brilliance, located at 29/5, Hoysala Corpus, Rani Circle – BB road, on the way to the Bangalore International Airport (Kempegowda International Airport). Part of the prestigious group called SLV enterprises.
Counted among the most promising veg restaurants in Bangalore, we offer the finest Indian cuisine in an A/C environment. The food is prepared by experienced Chef’s in an Open Kitchen background. A 25 feet wide clear glass wall shows the entire kitchen area. Apart from the 280+ seat and dine experience on the ground floor, our team can also accommodate individual requests for private banquets.



Length and breadth Vegetarian
Nandi Upachar is a fine dining restaurant in Bangalore, is popular only for its lip-smacking dishes and delectable taste; only believes in client satisfaction, quality service and tasty food. Each cuisine under this roof is made by using the choicest ingredients experientially used in that dish by master chefs. Traditionally rich and authentic taste lingers in one’s mind after experiencing Nandi Upachar snacks and savories.
Our vegetarian recipe procedures are very carefully assessed on the kitchen counter, for flavor and spices. We believe in providing tasty bites, not lacking the nutrients that are essential for your body. Most moving dishes in our restaurant belong to mushroom and Paneer categories. These impart nutrient rich, earthy flavors and the savor with both rice variations and ROTI’s. We do not use the leftover oil in our other dishes as these cross the smoke point when they are first tried.

Pilgrimagesand Travelogues

Chikkballapur district brings in most of our visitors, people with tour plans for Shirdi Sai Baba, Bhoganandishwaraswamy Temple, or those who come for the excellent view stop here at Nandi Upachar. Some look forward to see the rivers – Pennar, Palar and Arkavati. This dine in restaurant is suitably positioned with huge parking facilities, on National Highway – NH7. It strikes as a customary pit stop paradise for all commuters, travelers’ scheduling their weekend Nandi Hills’ getaway. Loyal patrons’ visiting the Nandi shrine, have preferred our modern Devanahalli multi-cuisine joint for inexpensive food variety and trained staff.
We are open from 7 in the morning to 11:00 pm in the night. Every one hour our staff goes through a clean your hands drill. Flawlessly hygienic eat-out for your group on an unplanned long drive, planned adventure trips, nature’s trail, highway travelers, or even commuters leaving from airport heading Hyderabad and Telangana. A totally noncommercial, Nandi hills and other highway weekend getaways bring in limited choice of food and hygiene – Nandi Upachar fills in this gap and makes this pictorial trip worth the wait. At this veg restaurant in Bangalore, heavy-duty performance in catering, parcel takeaways and fine-dining helps keep the food and beverage departments in-house profitable.

  • This morning , amidst our long drive, we stopped at this place for a quick breakfast, but we ended spending considerable good time due to the ambience, comfort and food. There are 2 sections : the self service counter and the dine-in. First and foremost, I was amused by the elderly gentleman greeting us in, he even smiled and spoke when we left. Now this hospitality is not known to us these days so often .we made ourselves comfortable and had pongal, khara bath, sambar vada, plain dosa , tea, coffee and lime juice.
    Sanghamitra Gupta
  • This place is just AMAZING. The food is very tasty and surprisingly, the prices are low. The north Indian items are too good. Every item on the menu is worth trying. To name a few, Paneer Lazeez, Paneer tikka, Curd vada are just Too good.
    Divya Hari
  • Good restaurant for visitors and trekkers going to Nandi hills. Dishes taste good and hygienic. The ambience is great. Apart from regular fast foods dishes found in Bangalore, it has salads, smoothies and other healthy drinks for all fitness freaks. Also tried pizzas and chats here. The taste is worthy enough.
    Sandesh M S
    Sandesh M S


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